Samsung’s Exploding Galaxy Note 7

Think that Samsung’s phones are among the best in the world? It’s until their Galaxy Note 7 begins to explode one by one.

Reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7s became so widespread that airline companies began to refuse them from being aboard the plane.

Samsung said that it is due to the faulty manufacturing process of their batteries, and according to this CNET article, the nonremovable battery was squeezed harder than it should be.

Samsung has carefully planned the release of this phone to preempt the release by its rival Apple of its flagship iPhone 7. But the issue of the burning batteries has somewhat ruined their plan.

And their reputation has been tarnished, given the fact that some who bought Galaxy 7s had replaced them with iPhone 7s, despite the latter not having the headphone jack.

This fiasco has also spawned several memes which emphasizes on the ‘literally’ hot nature of the phone.

Battery explosion, especially those of the rechargeable Lithium-ion ones, are already been an issue. It has also been an issue in hoverboards (which prompted airliners to ban them from either carry-ons or checked-in luggages as well) and even in the new Boeing Dreamliner planes. These exploding batteries did killed people.

Portable Fan

And it is also becoming an issue in the Lithium-ion-powered rechargeable portable fans, which are becoming popular in humid Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines. Virtually all of these fans are made in China.

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