Christmas – The Deadliest Day For Celebrities In 2016, So Far

It’s Christmas Day and it is the deadliest day for celebrities so far in the abominable Year of the Reaper.

We have tracked the celebrity deaths and we may have missed several people, but as of posting we have already posted about 67 body counts.

That includes the 60 members of the famed Alexandrov Ensemble, also known as the Red Army Choir, who perished in the plane crash in the Black Sea en route to Syria on the Christmas Day itself.

I don’t know if the Red Army Choir, should it be reorganized, would still sing Christmas carols or will curse Christmas forever because of this Christmas tragedy.

The plane crash happened on what could be called as the annus horribilis for the music industry. Since January musician deaths has been so endless and skyrocketing high that CNN ran an article entitled “2016: The Year The Music Died.”

Other famous people that died in the Christmas Eve include Vesna Vulovic, the stewardess holding the world record for surviving the highest fall of 30,000 feet; Rick Parfitt of the English band ‘Status Quo’; and Liz Smith, a famous English actress.

On Christmas Day, the world was shocked with the death of George Michael, who was the half of the ‘Wham!’ which sang the song “Last Christmas”.

Scientist Vera Rubin, who confirmed the existence of dark matter, also died on the Christmas Day.

The day after, the evil year took away comedian Ricky Harris and jazz drummer Alphonse Mouzon.

We still have four days left in 2016. And it is still unknown, if the trend would still continue way up to next year. Some psychics even predicted that the trend may continue up to March.

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