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The Tom Sawyer and Company has warned that Grim Reaper is already working OVERTIME with five days remaining into the year 2016.

This comes after the record of 65 dead celebrity counts for the last week – the highest so far – with the addition of Carrie Fisher, known for her role as “Princess Leia” in Star Wars films.

Fisher died days after suffering a heart attack midflight en route to Los Angeles, California. Latest report says she was already in ‘stable condition’ after being admitted in the intensive care unit.

The year 2016 has already been deadly, even if all the deaths in the wars in Syria and the drug war-related deaths in the Philippines are to be excluded.

The directive follows:

As this fucked up year comes to end, and especially this is Christmas time, we had expected a surge in deaths in this final week.

But the count is more than what we are expecting, and we are also expecting that the death rate would exceed our expectations.

It is advised, that you personally dakreshdardo or place a protective charm on all of your celebrity friends, or those whom you met, or signed an autograph with, so that they may be protected and be alive by New Year’s Day.

All members are also being mobilized to find Grim Reaper aka Kamatayan and kill it down or enclose it in some enchanted object where it can be imprisoned.

Meanwhile, the T.S.C. is also working overtime to find what could be the Gates to Hades which is said to be in the Philippines. The exact location of Gates to Hades is said to be most likely somewhere in Eastern Metro Manila.

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