Boys Dropping Dead And Girls Being Commended – Wow

It is more like Game of Thrones where boys die and girls become feared fighters (and surviving to the start of Season 7), but December is filled with boy deaths and commended girls.

The news is like as follows:

A sixteen year old boy was stabbed 40 times on way to school in Baguio City, dies.

A sixteen year old boy, a government scholar (and thus a bright student), was shot dead by four assailants in Pasig City. The assailants was quoted saying “he was not him”, implying they killed the wrong target.

Four boys are among the seven dead in a drug-related shooting incident in Caloocan. They were just visiting to watch a dance, afterwards the shootout happened.

Seven year old boy hit by stray bullet in stomach while watching television, dies. The bullet came from a shootout in a nearby police operation.

Eleven year old boy hit by stray bullet, dies. Family shouting for justice on social media.

The son of a beverage executive, his wife and their two teenage sons among missing (and presumed dead) in an apparent crash in Lake Eerie in the United States.

A five year old terminally ill boy dies in Santa’s lap.

A three year old boy in a legal medical battle dies.

Nineteen year old male dies in motorcycle crash in Edinburgh.

And message from my friends:

“My sister got a miscarriage. She lost her son.”

“My old classmate [a boy] was killed in a road accident. I have to attend his funeral.”

“I am calling for the driver who hit and killed my son in Bulacan. You didn’t dare helped him, you ran away. May conscience haunt you every time you sleep.”

Meanwhile, the news concerning the girls:

Syrian girl known for live-tweeting events in Aleppo battle safe, meets Turkey President Erdogan.

Opera composed by eleven year old girl applauded.

Youngest computer programmer in the Philippines is an eleven year old girl.

Teenage Pinay wins in Seoul talent competition.

Darn, this is getting crazy. December is currently besieged with celebrity deaths and deaths from ordinary citizens, in fact our neighborhood lost four families during the Christmas eve and Christmas day. The crazier is boys are the most vulnerable, not just in the Philippines but also worldwide.

This is not just a coincidence, this is Charlottian conspiracy. I haven’t heard any boys being commended (and being alive and well) or something good: what the news both from mainstream and fake news outlets are always about boys being killed and girls being commended. There’s really something wrong in this planet.

For now, its Knabenmortirchesel 7 in the whole planet. Including the moon. And also on Mars. The world is not safe for boys. Not just in Syria, in Mexico or in the Philippines.


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