This Year, Parang Park Is Still A Park

Usually, during Christmas season (and in extreme cases, summer breaks), the large park sandwiched between B.G. Molina and Manuel L. Quezon streets in Parang, Marikina is turned into tiangge, depriving the youth of their favorite pasttime during their vacation.

Thankfully this year, the situation is different. The Parang park is still a park and not a makeshift shopping center.

During my visit the other evening, there are many people strolling around and doing things. Some youth are seen skateboarding and playing in their BMX at one side.

At this times when TV shows are bullshitty especially in the afternoon (duh), it is good that the local government may have decided to give our youths a good leisure time, so that they may not be encouraged to do drugs when they’re too bored. They might have read the yearning of a concerned citizen in Marikina News, a thriving Facebook group where Marikenians post news, advertisement and public service announcement concerning the city.

The park is clear of any stalls
Some boys playing BMX as nighttime approaches

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