Economic Sabotage! War Against Philippine Factories

This evening, a large fire broke out in the Export Processing Zone in General Trias, Cavite.

The factory on fire is the one owned by House Technologies Inc (HTI).

The fire was first reported in 6:19 in the evening, and it was said that it was weakened at about 11:30 pm, according to firefighter reports.

What’s troubling is that hundreds were feared trapped in the factory, as it was said that over 300 were inside when the fire broke out.

Eighty-four people were taken to the hospitals for injuries, mostly from suffocation.

If the Mogwai has it, it would be another deadly incident in the Philippine industry.

Economic Sabotage

The Charlottian-Chinese axis is already waging war against Philippine industrial entities – notably factories – since time immemorial.

They do not want Philippine-made industries to prosper, and wants to force Filipinos into buying cheap Chinese products which is already flooding the market.

In garments industries alone, three had already scaled down their businesses (marked by their products being pulled out in most department stores).

There had been strings of factory fires in the past, and many of them has already been so deadly. The past factory fires only include those which catered mainly the domestic market.

But the fire that hit today is the one which also focuses on the overseas market. And with China industries want to enroach the Philippines, it would be a death to the Philippine economy.

Sawyerean Response

The T.S.C. is already responding on the matter, and is currently on struggle against those who want to sabotage any Philippine factories.

They are advocating the revitalization of the Philippine industry, which is already being besieged by fires and other calamities such as Yolanda-class typhoons.

They claimed that almost PhP16 billion has already been lost in the Philippine industry yearly — or even more — due to these Charlottian anti-factory attacks.

Dakreshdardo is slowly being implemented on remaining factories that are left, and priorities are already being made on internationally-linked factories. Dakreshdardo has already been issued on several garment brands and their factories.

A manhunt has already been established in those involved with the HTI fire. They also said that several mortals and iftres involved in previous factory destruction has already been given eternal vacations.

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