Why All Good Men Die (In The Philippines)?

The Philippines is already full of evil, or subtly evil men and women with those of very strong vested interests. See your boss, see your officemates, or even your best friends, and most especially those in power.

Those good men and women often die young. The rare breed of politicians whose genuine goal is to serve people, often die too early. And what’s left to us are clowns and criminals who make false promises during the campaign and more often f*** their constituents when already in position.

Many people are dying or being killed – and what’s more gut-wrenching is many of them are good people as testified by their relatives, friends and peers. Watch their interview on television? And their posts in social media? The world is crazy.

If you ever watched Encantadia, one of the goals of the bathaluman Ether is to wipe out all the good men in their world so that only those who will be left behind are evil men, so she may dominate Encantadia someday. That’s exactly what happened in the Philippines, with peaking on last year, now known as one of the deadliest (generally) peacetime years ever.

The goal of this motherf***ing crazy Grim Reaper is to wipe out the world of the good, and we will be left with evil men. No, not only the mentally skewed leaders who are already being elected into power or seizing power, but also the ordinary citizens and officials of various institutions.


Meanwhile, I am very alarmed with the spike of the pinjutilis – the cute guys – being killed – and we are not talking on Game of Thrones or Hollywood movies.

We are talking on the real-life pinjutlilis. Last month alone, two of my friends had lost their pinjutili brother in accidents and illnesses.

And an official of a state school in Marikina has just been murdered today and turned out to be a pinjutili.

This is crazy thing, and we’re already under the State of Gashurnism. The Pinjutili murders has already gone brazen. Someday we will now be watching our favorite cute actor being murdered in front of live TV and in high definition. The Pinjutili Wars has already begun.


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