19-20 March: Too Many Deaths

The death streak seemed to have slowed down this year, but when they strike, they make the mortality count spike in numbers.

March 19 to 20 has been marked as one of the deadliest days in this year, with at least nine celebrity deaths recorded on that day. We’re mainly talking about global and Philippine celebrity deaths, and it may not be a complete count.

The list of the deaths for these dates are as follows:

  • Chuck Berry, Rock n’roll legend
  • Bernie Wrightson, artist
  • Javier Jesus Gomez Nepomuceno, Holy Angel University `co-founder`
  • Leticia Ramos-Shahani, Philippine stateswoman
  • Jimmy Breslin, journalist
  • David Rockefeller, philantrophist
  • Martin McGuinness, politician
  • Robert Silvers, editor
  • Bank, coin-eating turtle in Thailand

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