War Against The Gterjädse Kakiye

What’s the matter with the wearers of the Rosiskaye-standard khakis that the Montbernian-controlled media wants to kill them in all ways possible? Say, they might have been started in the Philippines and had already spread to the United States.

Unlike in the US, the Philippines hardly had any archives of 90s teleserye available in the net, more in the DVD. But there had already been several instances that the Gterjädse Kakiye, as what the Sawyereans call them, are explicitly shown being killed. One of which, if you remember, and I vividly remember, is one character, probably a doctor, being shot at the back in the original Pangako Sa ‘Yo topbilled by Jericho Rosales and Christine Hermosa.

What drove me into writing this entry is not because of the upcoming anniversary if the Jaganirdashpnem in April 15 – the date the Etherian-Montbernians love to bring disaster to, but because of a scene in a kabitserye where as of the last episode, a presumed gterjäd was now fighting for his life after having an accident as a result of his drunk driving. We are yet to get an HD video of it, which I believe its network have (Encantadia has HD snippets available online from GMA).

You see, the Rosiskaye-standard khakis or chino pants or those khakis the Americans used to prefer to are alreadyvery rare in the Philippines, a far cry from that in the 90s, even in schools where khakis are part of the uniform. What’s trending here is either the much-frowned (and still banned) khaki jeans, or the China khaki shits. The Montbernian campaign to wage plague against the Gterjäd of 2005 has succeeded, and some of them are my close friends or acquaintances. One has his house burned down, leaving him nothing but the clothes he was wearing, another has his brother died. At your service has lost his mom and his house repossessed.

Surely, the Second Khaki Pants War has just begun. And the trend of Sawyerean-approved khakis in South Korea and among the Korean stars didn’t help, either. What’s coming in style are the jumpers – the bib overalls or often called (at least by Sawyereans) Oshkoshes – that had once trended in the 90s. The Montbernian fashion invasion has already gone full scale.

In fact, even the Sawyerean city of San Pedro Calungsod is considering death penalty to the wearers of banned fashion, but as of now, the harshest penalty being done to the violators so far is by walking along the main road naked like what Cersei did in Game of Thrones.

If I have time, I would like to have a compilation of gterjädse being killed in films and TV series. I would like to name a few shows here, Final Destination and The Host, to name a few. And oh, if our fears were confirmed, Ika-6 na Utos will be joining the ranks.


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