Reaper On Rampage Again

Grim Reaper is on full rampage again akin to last year, after a little more than two months of quell.

Last year has already been dubbed as the Worst and Deadliest Year, due to the very high number of celebrity deaths, as well as the deaths of our colleagues and friends or their someone dearest.

The spike started in mid-March, where in the dates between 19 and 21 there are not less than ten celebrities who had died. This count also include at least one non-human.

Since mid-March, among those dead include a couple of veteran comedians, broadcaster, a cosmonaut, storm chasers, journalist, a celebrated government minister and a tech executive who was one of the killed in the recent terror attack in Sweden.

Lots of my friends has also lost a relative, and it’s already in my inner circle that are being affected. Reaper has already gone insane again.

A massive grimhunt is now underway.


Celebrity Deaths From 20 March 2017

(Disclaimer: I might have missed something. Sourced from my own Facebook feed, and mainly from the BBC, CNN, Philippine Daily Inquirer and GMA News.)

(See previous list from March 19-20)

  • 29 March – Kelly Gene Williamson, storm chaser for The Weather Channel
  • 29 March – Randall Delane Yarnall, storm chaser for The Weather Channel
  • 30 March – Ricardo Sto Domingo Jr, former Marikina chief
  • 31 March – Mike Hall, British cyclist
  • 1 April – Gilbert Baker, creator of LGBT rainbow flag
  • 1 April – Chris Bevington, Spotify executive, one of the victims of Stockholm terror attack
  • 2 April – Ikutaro Kakehashi, Roland founder
  • 4 April – Danny Labra, actor
  • 5 April – Brian Matthew, British broadcaster
  • 5 April – Mishka the husky
  • 7 April – Don Rickles, comedian
  • 8 April – Georgy Grechko, Soviet legendary cosmonaut
  • 10 April – Raymond Salas, lawyer, VP Robredo’s aide
  • 10 April – Carme Chacón, Spain’s first female defence minister

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