More Deaths This Holy Week

I had to be careful into inadvertently turning Chitetskoy Chronicles into an obituary blog, but celebrity deaths keep on coming, and even in this Holy Week, they had no break.

The past two days came the deaths of two of the leaders of Philippine businesses: Roberto Aboitiz of the Aboitiz Group and Mariano Que of the drugstore chain Mercury Drug.

Earlier we saw the death of the comedian Charlie Murphy and also of Justice Sheila Abdus-salaam. The latter, the first black woman to serve New York’s highest court and the possibly the first Muslim to hold such position in the entire United States, was found dead in the Hudson River.

My friend told me that the intensity of this year’s deaths – which seem to had taken a break in February, is not as intense. I had failed to keep a record in my OneNote unfortunately, which I am already doing right now.

For the record, in the entire February, I had recorded only ten human celebrity deaths (there’s one non-human celebrity death), which include a former mayor, a couple of actors, founder of electronic giants and a brother of a ruthless dictator.

And oh, I mentioned, this year could be the deadliest year for industry founders, leaders and even a couple of innovators. Among the deaths are the inventor of pinyin, the Chinese romanization system, the founders of Namco, Nintendo of America and Roland.

I wonder if the elder Zobel de Ayala and Henry Sy (said to be Mr Que’s nemesis, per No Mercury Drug in SM myth) would survive 2017. And to enrage you, the most beloved politician in the Philippines, Juan Ponce Enrile, is still alive and kicking at 93. Rumors say that he might even breach the oldest wizard ever lived. The late Albus Dumbledore of Hogwarts School in Britain was reported to be 150 when he died.

* * * * *

A Surge of Boy Deaths – Everywhere

Aside from the celebrity deaths, here comes the boy deaths, which had been so very unrelentless since April, coinciding with the surge of celebrity deaths.

Among the recorded boy deaths were:

  1. a teenage boy falling to his death in Sagada cave, forcing the tourist destination to be shut down for two days
  2. a teenage boy drowning in a Cebu resort the day before his birthday
  3. a teenage boy mauled to death by his classmates
  4. a toddler boy mauled to death by his guardian
  5. a teenage boy literally butchered by two other boys in San Mateo
  6. a young boy shot dead by an Army
  7. a teenage boy died from medical malpractice in one large hospital in Manila
  8. a teenage boy with difficulty walking due to physical deformities snatched by fourteen armed men and murdered in Navotas, being accused of being a marijuana pusher
  9. four male siblings drowning in a river in Northern Samar
  10. a teenage boy student being the lone fatality when a rockslide hit a UV Express van coming from Baguio en route to Pangasinan

If you ask where are the girl deaths, the lone girl death is the sibling of the four boys who together with them, drowned in Samar.

Crazy reaper, those who should not die are dying.

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