Marikina Fast Becoming Worst Place For Dog Lovers–?

If there’s Knabenmortirchesel system similar to dog thefts, Marikina would already be under Lwd Targidaydim.

In the past weeks, dog thefts had become so rife in the city at the eastern part of Metro Manila, with netizens appealing for their help on their stolen or missing dogs particularly in Marikina News facebook page.

Marikina News is the main Facebook group for Marikina residents posting news, concerns, buy-and-sells and everything that concerns the city.

While in the bygone days, robbers are afraid of dogs, now it seemed that dogs are the ones being robbed. Especially in the Philippines, where stealing almost everything – even railway screws – is very much common.

It’s still unknown if there is an already-established syndicate running in Marikina or nearby places that specializes on stealing dogs.

If this trend continues, Marikina would fast become one of the worst places in the Philippines for dog lovers.

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