Trending: Wedding Permanently Cancelled By Death

This particular scene of wedding being permanently cancelled by tragic deaths has once been a staple story for tragic drama presentation of any kind (movies, TV shows, stage plays, etc). But it is already increasingly becoming common in REAL LIFE. And yes, be warned.

Though I still have no plans to marry yet – at least in the future – Wedding War has already been in effect. The Montbernians might unleash unrelentless Bostonian-level Sagabalifs against my wedding – even the proposal stage alone might be hindered very much. I choose not to indulge much of the details yet, unless if you can read my Cyrillic-written notes on my physical notebook.

The news stories are rife with deaths of someone who, are supposed to be married but are killed. But now, what are being implemented is to kill the man or the woman – right before a proposal is to be made.

Among the latest victim is the woman who fell to the Thames during the terror attack in Westminster in London, and one of the cops killed in the recent clashes in Bohol.

Such wedding-cancelled-by-death scenarios was often called the Jamichhajnem in the Sawyerean circle, named after the couple whose male half, Jam Sebastian, died  of cancer a couple of years back.

Right now Grim Reaper is in rampage, killing what Sawyereans don’t want to die, especially boys and beloved celebrities. So for those planning to marry or even proposing a wedding, be warned.

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